Spooktacular Halloween Workouts

Spooktacular Halloween Workouts


Happy Halloween!


It’s a scary time of year, as we get tempted by leftover candy, our kids’ candy, or perhaps an overwhelming urge to buy a bag of our favorite candy just for ourselves.


I thought I’d write a few workouts you can do to help offset some of the candy consumption if you just can’t help yourself. (Remember everything in moderation!) Below are swim, bike, and run workouts that are in the 60 minute ballpark to choose from.


Happy Haunting!






  • 1×300 easy/choice stroke
  • 4×50 kick
  • 2×100 pull
  • 6×50 drill 25/swim 25 (your choice of drill)


Main Set:
2-3x through:

  • 1×100 fast, (30-45s rest)
  • 2×50 fast (20-30s rest)
  • 4×25 easy, fast, easy, fast (15-20s rest)
  • 1×100 kick (1min rest)



  • 1×300 pull, smooth and steady


Cool down:

  • 1×200 easy/mixed strokes






(60+ minutes)


If you use power use % of FTP to determine interval intensity. Otherwise RPE is given as well. Because these are short intervals, HR isn’t the best way to gauge effort.

  • 15-30min easy riding to warm-up, starting Z1 building to a comfortable aerobic effort (mid-Z2)
  • 3x2min at 95-100% LT power with 2min easy/Z1/60% LT power recoveries
  • 5min Z2/70% LT power (this is your mental prep stage…get ready to go!)


Main Effort:

  • 5x15s all out sprint, 45s recoveries
  • 3min easy
  • 5x30s at 150% LT power/RPE 8+, 30s <60% LT power/RPE 2-3 recoveries.
  • 2min easy/Z1/<60% LT power
  • 5x45s at 120% LT power, 15s recoveries (<60% LT power, RPE 3-4)
  • 1min easy/Z1/<60% LT power
  • 1 min at 100% LT power/RPE 7
  • 10min easy
  • Repeat Main Effort if desired!


Extend cool down if needed. Stretch well after!




This workout is based on specific paces. You can get yours by going to runsmartproject.com/calculator/ and enter in a recent race time and distance, then click Calculate, and then the Equivalent button.


Warm up:

  • 15-20min easy running to warm up
  • 4×20-30ss accelerations with 40s walk/easy jog (build to fast, not sprint, stay relaxed to keep great form.


Main Effort:

  • 3-4×800 at 10k pace with 400 easy jog recoveries
  • 4×400 at 5k pace w/200 easy jog recoveries
  • 4×200 build to “finish line” pace, 200 easy jog recovery


Cool down:

  • 10-15min easy running


Get in some active stretching after this workout!



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Nicole Odell



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