It’s OK To Eat The Donut

It’s OK To Eat The Donut

Go ahead. Eat the donut.


Maybe you’re trying to lean out or drop a few pounds so you decided to watch what you eat. You read the latest diet books or blogs, and decide to forgo all sweets. After a couple weeks of staying on course, you drive by Dunkin’ Donuts and can’t resist. So you get the combo meal of two donuts and a coffee. And then you are offered chocolate cake at a function so you have that, too. Pretty soon the “no sweets” plan is completely out the window.


This is common when we try to make too big of a change to quickly. That’s why the New Year’s “I’m going to work out every day” resolution fails. It’s too much of a change and we can’t handle it. The same thing happens when we restrict ourselves of things we enjoy.



If you are trying to make any change, start in stages. If you have dessert every night, skip a couple nights. Or go to a smaller portion each night. Unless there are serious health consequences, don’t restrict yourself  something you enjoy, just enjoy in moderation!


When I was diagnosed with MS, I was interested to see if there was a “better” way to eat. People sent me links about a “diet” out there that was essentially high-fat Paleo. And others sent me the information on the low-fat vegetarian. I thought, wow – these are on complete opposite ends of the food spectrum! My conclusion: Eat real food and enjoy everything in moderation. It seems to be working for me so far, and is certainly easy to maintain. 


Whole foods are always smart choices.

Whole foods are always smart choices.


I just buy primarily whole foods – vegetables, fruits, proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. The only thing I “do” is try to aim for 2:1 or 1:1 carb to protein ratios to help keep my blood sugar stable. If you are eating natural food 90 percent of the time, is a donut or cookie or mocha with whipped cream once a week going to hurt? Nope.


Bob Seebohar calls these “misses.” It’s OK to have a few misses here and there, otherwise we’ll likely completely fall off the wagon. Marni Sumbal often writes that there are no bad foods. I agree.


If you’re looking to change how you eat, slowly swap out the processed foods for whole foods. Give yourself a couple months to gradually change your eating habits.


And while you’re doing so, go ahead. Eat the donut.


What is your indulgence food? Share below!

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Nicole Odell

  • Dottie DiGirolamo
    June 4, 2016

    My indulgence food is really creamy, high fat ice cream! I really love Graters ice cream. Graters is a company from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am from Dayton, Ohio, so eating my favorite Graters ice cream feels like home. King Soopers carries Graters now. I was a happy girl when I found that out! My favorite flavor is coconut chocolate chip.

  • Karen Pollak
    June 5, 2016

    Hi Nicole!,

    My latest addiction is to taffy. I went to Sam’s and bought this giant bag of salt water taffy. I eat it for breakfast and lunch. And then nothing until dinner. It is probably the worst habit I could have possibly talked myself into. I used to have a love affair with chocolate, but I was gaining weight. The Taffy, oh the taffy. I am genuinely ashamed. But alas, I cannot stop until I finish the bag. I thought about having people over and offering it to them for a treat. But then I thought, there’s no way. I’ll just have to buy more and that would be just too shameful.

    So I am about half-way through, and instead of feeling guilty, it has become my new challenge. I will face my addiction head on. I will eat that taffy like I’ve never eaten before and when I finish that bag, I will finally be satisfied. That is, if my teeth don’t fall out first. I wonder if it will help me burn energy? Is that really a thing? Why doesn’t everybody eat taffy all day long? Could I have stumbled upon the answer to weight loss inadvertently? Maybe I’m a genius? Oh wait, that’s the taffy talking. HEEE HAAAAA HAAAAAA!

    Thank you!