Turmeric Tofu and Quinoa Salad

Turmeric Tofu and Quinoa Salad

This month we are talking plant-based meals, so I’d like to share a quick and easy meal. Since I’m sitting in pre-evacuation for the Black Forest Fire, it wasn’t a night to do anything very time consuming.

So all I did was cut some tofu into ½” squares, and heated in a bit of coconut oil in a pan. Once the tofu was heated mostly through, I added the brown rice that I had already cooked. I seasoned with a bit of turmeric, which is a really good antioxidant. Definitely a spice to include in your pantry!

On my plate I just made a big spinach salad with cucumbers and carrots, and topped with goat cheese crumbles and a little wasabi dressing.

Turmeric Tofu Rice

And here is the approximate macronutrient profile:



While there is one animal product (the goat cheese) to add a little extra zing to the salad, the rest of the meal is plant-based and provided 550 calories. You could of course make the salad bigger or add extra veggies to it, and modify the ratio of rice/tofu. But this meal was about 2:1 Carb:Protein ratio, which would be considered “metabolically efficient.”

Another quick meal I’ve had recently (unfortunately no photos) is a quinoa salad. It is really, really easy as well! Cook up some quinoa, then chop up as many of your favorite fresh vegetables as you want. Top with the veggies and some kidney beans (or bean of your choosing). Season with a little olive oil & apple cider vinegar, salt & pepper (or other seasoning.)



This has a higher carb to protein ratio, and would be good as a post-workout meal (it was for me). I didn’t have a big portion but  if you need more calories, just eat more!

Happy Eating!


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