Race Weekend – My Race Plan

Race Weekend – My Race Plan

As you know I’m a big proponent of planning for races. I’m doing a couple bicycle races this weekend (my first crit on Saturday and a super-challenging time trial on Sunday,) along with an endurance run to keep on top of my Ironman Arizona training! I thought I’d share my race plans with you. Because these are short local events and more for “fun”, it’s a little more relaxed than, say, a half-ironman race plan would be, but I think you’ll get the idea! I’ll be reviewing it all weekend long, making changes and updates as needed to the main copy (which I write using Google Docs).

USA Pro Cycling Challenge Bike Race Weekend!

Friday, August 22

4:30am – wake up
4:45am – on trainer for ride
6:45am – shower, eat breakfast
7:30am – leave for work
8-noon – work
noon-1pm – lunch at panera
1-5pm – work
5pm – head over to CTS to pick up packet for Sunday’s Race (bring USAC license!)
5:30-6:30 – commute home via the crit location
7:00 – dinner (chicken or salmon, rice, veggies)
7:30-9:00 – client schedules, charge Garmin, make sure house guests are settled in.
Pack car with

    • bike
    • trainer
    • helmet
    • bike shoes
    • change of clothes for after the crit (bring compression!)

9:00 – foam roll, get ready for bed
9:30 – bed!

SaturdayUVC Crit
5:00am – wake up, have breakfast somoothie (ucan,banana, pb), get dressed, fill a couple water bottles, bring electrolytes and gel w/caffeine, Garmin/HR monitor
5:45am – leave for race site
6:00am – register, get trainer set-up, etc.
6:30am start warm-up
7:25am end warm-up, get last minute motivators from Coach and Kyle, take gel.
7:45am race start!
Race Strategy:
Sit in, get “comfortable” with the pack riding. Try to stay in the front third. Try to stay as relaxed as possible through the corners.
Don’t follow the attacks, just keep in the group. At the end if I’m still strong, see if I can get in a break. Most importantly – enjoy it!

8:15am – finish race!
8:30am – change clothes, watch Coach Matt race, check out expo
leave site by 9:30am – home and shower
10:30am – meet up with family, brunch in Palmer Lake
2:00pm – leave for dealership
3:30pm – leave dealership for UVC to watch Kyle race
5:30pm – leave for dinner in Manitou Springs (castaways, 6pm reservations)
After dinner through 9:00pm – foam roll, pack car with:

    • bike
    • trainer
    • helmet
    • bike shoes
    • Garmin/HR monitor
    • running shoes/clothes
    • change of clothes for after run

10:00pm – bed (earlier if possible)

SundayCheyenne Canon TT
Time TBD, wake up, breakfast smoothie, fill water bottles, pack electrolytes, gels, ucan, recovery drink
7:00am(?) head to the canyon, park at HS. Trainer warm-up
Ride to race site, UCAN or gel prior to TT?
Start time unknown until Saturday 5pm (probably around 9-9:30am)
Pacing Strategy:
Mile 1 – spin as much as possible, keep watts <220
Mile 2 – hammer – out of saddle when possible. Just keep moving
Mile 3 – spin as much as possible keeping watts ~220 if possible
500m to go – leave NOTHING on the course!

After TT, drive downtown and do 1hr 15min easy run on Sante Fe Trail
12:30 – awards ceremony at America the Beautiful Park, grab some lunch somewhere
2:00 – arrive home, clean up, finish client schedules
4:00pm – head downtown w/Tim for People’s Pedal Party! (don’t forget to wear my VIP shirt!)
Celebrate and Enjoy!

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