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MARCH NEO Newsletter – Be Alert!

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This week (March 5-11th) is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness week. A lot of us may become “blind” to these awareness weeks or months because there are so many things that impact our health! Unless you know someone impacted by a disease, you may not pay attention to it. But I’m going to shout a little louder on this one so perhaps more people can hear it, as I have MS. I don’t like to think that I do, but I do. It’s there. Every day.



Watch this short video for a really good overview on how the body is affected. Scary stuff, really.



While it’s not slowing me down now, it could at any time. But I want to keep moving, and I want others to as well. I am personally invested in getting more money to research and programs to help those with MS live a better life.


Some of you may already have done a Bike MS event (formerly known as the MS 150.) If so, thank you, and please do another one! Check out,, (<–you might even recognize the person in the wetsuit!) to see what events you can do in your area or just fundraise.


I’m personally trying to raise $6,000 through my Colorado Bike MS Team for the National MS Society, and our team goal is $50,000. That money will help drive the cutting edge research and patient support programs we need. I would like to ask you, would you be willing to donate $100 to help us get that next breakthrough in MS? Your support, even if we’ve never met, means the world to me. Thank you!


With gratitude,

Coach Nicole


P.S. Join me in September in Bentonville, AR for the TriFest for MS supporting the Rampy MS Research Foundation. =>>There will be some coaching deals for anyone who races with me! <<=


Here is my Why:





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