Looking forward

Looking forward

Every so often I will post a quote that I find motivating, encouraging, or just rings true to me. On Thursday of this past week, I tweeted a quote from Steve Prefontaine, aka “Pre.”

It ended up be retweeted many times – more often than usual, so it must have resonated with a lot of people. It was even quoted in an athlete’s blog, as something that resonated with her as she reviewed her ironman training for the week. For me the quote is a reminder that, although you need to be aware of the good things you have done and the achievements you make, it’s important to acknowledge them, learn from them, but keep the vision forward.

In the realm of racing and training, we need to understand our race results and our training results from breakthrough workouts. But if we continually look at them and think “wow, look at what I did,” we are missing the true picture. We should look at our results and think “that was great, now what can I do next that is even better?”

Learn from your accomplishments and certainly be proud of them, but keep the vision forward to achieve bigger and better things.

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Nicole Odell



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