Friday Feast – The Veggie Transformation

Friday Feast – The Veggie Transformation

Last week I posted about the CSA share I received to help provide food for the WMBA end of season social. Last night we had the social and wow – what an amazing turn out! Both in attendance and food! Everyone who cooked used their creativity and even though the basic ingredients were pretty much the same, the dishes were so different.

So here’s what I made with a lot of help from Jess Smith, another WMBA club team member. Unfortunately I was caught up in a lot of things and didn’t get all the pictures I should have.

Israeli Tomato Salad (I don’t have any pictures. But it was easy to make and delicious!)

Beet, Orange, and Apple Salad

Jewish Apple Cake (we didn’t go gluten-free)

Kohlrabi Fritters (my experience making latkes helped with these)

So ironically it is the Jewish high holidays and I seemed to have picked recipes along the theme of my heritage. We do like to eat. 🙂

In the search for some recipes, I contacted my uncle, who is known, on occasion, to be reasonably proficient in the kitchen.

I leave you with our email exchange after I emailed him the link to my previous post with the produce list:

Mark: Step one; toss the kohlrabi over the fence.

Nicole: haha. we could have a kohlrabi tossing contest… it appears to be reasonably aerodynamic.

Mark: And good for little else.

Nicole: when in doubt, fry it.

Mark: This, I believe, is dictated by the kohlrabi rabbi.



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