Turkey Day Training

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Turkey Day Training


It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, and as this is a food-based holiday, why not get in a little extra burn this week before the big day.


Here are swim, bike, and run workouts for you this week!


Turkey Stuffing Swim



  • 1×300-400 easy/mixed strokes
  • 4×50 drill/swim (your choice drill) [15s rest]
  • 4×75 #1,3 steady and smooth, #2, #4 build (gradually get faster across the 75) [20s rest]
  • 4×50 descend 1-4 (make each 50 faster) [20s rest]
  • 1×100 easy


Main Set:

  • 1×400 build [30-45s rest]
  • 1×300 middle 100 fast [30-40s rest]
  • 1×200 first and last 50 fast [20-30s rest]
  • 1×100 fast, last 25 sprint!
  • 1min rest
  • 1×200 smooth and steady [30s rest]
  • 4×75 odds easy, evens build [20s rest]
  • 4×50 descend 1-4 [15-20s rest]
  • 4×25 all out [30s rest]
  • 1×200 smooth and steady


Cool down

  • 1×200-300 easy/mixed



Chase the Turkey Bike

If you don’t us power or have your LT/FTP power, then just use rate of perceived exertion. If you use HR zones, you’ll probably get into Z4 or Z5 in the main set, Z3 at the end of the warm-up.



  • 15 minutes starting with easy pedaling, 60% LT power building to about 75%, RPE 4-5.
  • 3min at 80% LT (RPE 5+), 2min easy
  • 3min at 85% LT (RPE 6), 2min easy
  • 3min at 90% LT (RPE 6+), 2min easy
  • 5min at 60-70% LT (get ready for the work!)


Main Set:

  • 3x8min as [2.5min 95% LT power (RPE 7), 30s 110-120% LT power (RPE 8+), 2.5min 95% LT power (RPE 7), 30s 110-120% LT power (RPE 8+), 2min 95% LT power (RPE 7)]
  • 4min very easy (<60% LT power, RPE 3) between sets for recovery


Cool Down:

  • 10+ minutes of easy spinning



Run for the Pie!


10min easy running to warm up

5min build to aerobic pace

5min aerobic pace (RPE 5)

4x20sec accelerations with ~40s easy/walk in between


Main Set:

Repeat 3-5 times:

20s hill sprint immediately into 4min at 10k pace.

(if you don’t have a hill just sprint!)

2-3min easy between efforts


Cool down:

10+ minutes of very easy running

Stretch well!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


By the way…

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