Triathlon Success Strategies is Released!

Triathlon Success Strategies is Released!

It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally here! Triathlon Success Strategies is a comprehensive program to help you SMASH your next triathlon. This three-module program will allow you to take your next race to the next level.


Here’s a little history on why I decided to create Triathlon Success Strategies.


As a triathlon coach, I talk to a lot of people interested in triathlon. I also talk to a lot of people who went through their first race(s) blindly. It’s one thing to get in good swim-bike-run training, but it’s a completely other thing to actually go and race.


What if you had information at your fingertips that would make race weekend  A LOT less stressful. I found in my racing and with my athletes, those that had a plan going into the weekend were able to focus on the important thing – the race itself.


Additionally, athletes with clearly defined goals for the race were able to objectively review their performance. The race wasn’t just “it went OK” or “I felt really good,” but rather we have specific goals to compare with their performance, and not necessarily just time goals. The athletes now had specific things to review to feel good about the race.


This extra information also helps me as a coach review the race and help the athlete set new goals for future races. We are always striving to get better, right?


So to help put all this information in one place, I created Triathlon Success Strategies. Once you work through the program you will know how to set appropriate goals for your race, understand the complexity of race weekend so you are prepared (including mental strategies), and know exactly how to write a thorough race plan, as well as review how your race went. Editable templates (Triathlon Race Goal Worksheet and Triathlon Race Plan) are provided along with video instruction.


Triathlon Success Strategies


Even if you are an experienced triathlete, if you aren’t planning appropriately for your races, you may not be racing to your potential!


Triathlon Success Strategies is easy to get; as soon as checkout is completed, you will have instant access to all modules.


You can securely purchase Triathlon Success Strategies and get instant access to all three modules by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

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