Should You Take a Spin Class to Train?

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Should You Take a Spin Class to Train?

Should you take that spin class to train for an event?




Maybe not.


What I want to talk about in this post is the difference between having a training plan that’s specific for you, and attending various group workouts that your local gym offers. It’s the difference between specific training for your needs and essentially doing random workouts.


Often people are exposed to endurance sports through group exercise such as spin classes, group social runs, group rides. This is cool. But the risk is, when someone takes the next step and sign up for a specific event, their training usually becomes stringing a bunch of these classes together.


I’m of the belief that the majority group exercises classes you will find are not geared for training for a specific event, but rather for someone who is just wants to exercise. Exercise is important for everyone, and these classes provide excellent means to get that exercise. But if you are training for an event and want to do your best at that event, a specific training plan geared towards your needs will most likely suit you best.


Benefits of group classes…

  • Motivation of being around other people
  • Often hard workouts
  • Social interactions and accountability


Negatives of those group classes…

  • Often hard workouts – you typically only need a couple of these a week.
  • You may push yourself too hard too often, leading to burnout, fatigue, or non-optimal fitness
  • They are not specific to your needs


That doesn’t mean you can’t go to a group exercise class or group workout. They can provide that extra motivation and fulfill a social need. Some even have progressive structure. Sometimes we just have to change things up and take a quick break from structure, or we can’t do our planned workout due to weather, and a group class is the next best option. A group ride or run might challenge you and teach you a few things.


Your fitness depends on specific stress and then rest to adapt. If you have specific event goals, you should have a specific training plan crafted to your needs.


So if you’re wondering if that group workout is right for you, ask yourself the following:


  1. What are your goals?
  2. What’s the best way for YOU to get there?


–And remember that not every workout needs to be (nor should be) a “killer” workout. Sometimes the best workout is extremely easy!


A qualified endurance coach will be able to look at your goals, current fitness, and schedule to craft a plan specific to your needs. And if attending a group session on occasion is important, let your coach know, as it can be included in a plan. The best coach will make sure you have a plan that includes your goals, fitness, and what you like to do.


Happy Training!


Let us know: Do you incorporate group classes into your training plan?


Don’t have a coach? Here’s how you can get customized training with Coach Nicole.



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