Onward to recovery!

Nicole's Elbow Hardware removed

Onward to recovery!

This past Monday I had some solid hardware taken out of my elbow from last year’s break. While it was a pretty quick procedure, it was still surgery. I took Monday and Tuesday off of work, and worked from home on Wednesday. Naps were calling.

Nicole's elbow hardware removed

Glad this is removed!

Thursday I was back in the swing of things in terms of work but still taking it easy on the training. Letting the incision site heal properly is top priority, and the doc is pretty adamant to not get it sweaty. I’ll try! At least it’s winter and a dry climate!


I am always a little too optimistic when it comes to getting back to a normal routine, as it takes several days to get that surgery fatigue kicked! I haven’t been a complete slug, as I’ve still been doing some early morning strength work. I did have enough energy on Thursday to be a guest on the ‘Make Your Own Way’ radio show on KCMJ, a community radio station, to promote the National MS Society and a local program we have coming up.


This weekend and next week I should be able to get some training rides in and hopefully some easy runs, or at least a long hike. Once the incision is completely healed I am good to get back in the pool. I am at a greater fracture risk due to the holes from the screws in the bone, so the recovery is also 12 weeks of being extra careful until the bone fully heals. 

the hardware in coach nicoles arm

Lots of holes where these screws were!

While we are talking medical things, I am finally squared away to start on the new medication for MS, Ocrevus. My first infusion is scheduled in a couple weeks. This medication, approved by the FDA in March 2017, is the first to be approved for Primary Progressive MS, and is also approved for Relapsing Remitting MS, which is the kind I have. It’s an infusion-based medication every 6 months. The medication I’ve been on has been a daily pill, which is really a daily reminder of what I am going through. I’m also hoping that by switching meds, my heart rate upper limit goes back to near where it was before I started on the Gilenya. As an athlete, losing 10-15bpm in my upper limit is significant!


On a side note, some of you may know I got my start in triathlon through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program. Ocrelizumab is actually similar to Rituximab, which has been used as an off-label MS medication, but was developed as a treatment for blood cancers with support from LLS.  It definitely shows that supporting organizations such as LLS and the National MS Society really does make a difference!


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