Monopoly Lessons

Monopoly Lessons

Yesterday my husband really wanted to play monopoly. We didn’t own the game, but he was determined to track it down. After thinking that Wal-Mart would be open on Christmas (they weren’t), as we were driving up to see my parents for latkes with the family, we passed a Walgreens that looked open. We didn’t stop, but he went online and found that they did have the game in stock. The he called to verify that they really did have it and found they close at six. Talk about determination to get this game! Lesson one, if you want something, do what you can to make it happen! On the way home we stopped in and picked up the game.

Now back home, we sat down with his parents, quickly reviewed the rules (none of us had played in probably at least two decades!), and got to playing. Now, monopoly was never something I was very good at. I remember getting beat  a lot by my best friend in elementary school. A lot. But I’m older and wiser now (well, at least the older part is true) so who knows what would happen. Turns out I won.

I took my circumstances (luck by the roll of the dice), and tried to to make the best decisions (using previous experience and even taking some risks) with my available resources (my stash of money). Even though my track record with monopoly wasn’t very good, it didn’t keep me from playing the game and trying my best. From this I realized Lesson two: Don’t be afraid to try something again, even if you didn’t have a good track record in the past.  Your new experiences and knowledge (and a little luck) just might make it work out for you a little better this time.This is true in life and in sport!

Have you ever tried something again and found it to have a much better outcome?

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Nicole Odell


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