Gold Toe Sock Review

Gold Toe Sock Review

Being an athlete, I go through a lot of socks and I pay attention to what goes on my feet. With all the cycling, running, strength training I do, most of the time I like to have something between my foot and the shoe. Thanks to @GoldToe, I received a sample of Gold Toe socks to check out.

I was sent 3 pairs of the Sport Liner:

These are 79% cotton and 21% stretch nylon. As I am not running much these days, I tested these socks during four 45-60 minutes strength training sessions at MotionX Studio.

Fit: I wear size 8.5-9 in athletic shoes, and these fit my feet comfortably. (I can’t remember what size was actually sent, but the size they sent for my shoe size works.) They slipped on easily and were fitted but not too tight. The added stretch nylon The thickness of the sock is just right. I would call it a medium thickness. Thick enough for a little cushion, but not too thick so your shoes still fit right.

Cut: These are very low cut socks, and honestly I don’t usually get socks cut this low as a personal preference. But it didn’t take long to get used to the feel of the low cut. I typically go for socks that go above the ankle, and while I didn’t test any, Gold Toe sells quite a few different ankle heights.

Comfort: My worry with a low cut sock is when the sock is lower than the edge of the shoe, it might rub uncomfortably. I wore these socks with Addias Supernovas, which do come up higher on the ankle than the socks. But this fact didn’t actually bother me at all.

My strength workouts comprise of dynamic warm-ups (lunges, squats, high knees, butt-kickers, etc). My feet felt solid in my shoes and I really didn’t notice the socks. That’s a good thing!

The rest of my workout was strength and power exercises like deadlifts, cleans, box jumps. Again, I had no issues with the socks and comfortably (well, my feet anyway) finished the workouts.

Comments: The one thing to note is that these are predominantly cotton socks (79%). The typical recommendation for runners/athletes is to stay away from cotton because it retains the moisture from sweat, which can potentially lead to blisters.

My feet do sweat, so I am conscious of this fact. It’s why I like to wear socks with shoes! Fortunately I live in Colorado, which has a very dry climate so the cotton-sweat impact is less, especially in shorter duration runs or workouts. Even though I didn’t test these particular socks during a run, I would be comfortable running in these for runs of about 45-60 minutes. In more humid climates, I’d recommend using your best judgement based on your experiences with cotton socks.

Summary: The Gold Toe Sport Liner is a all-purpose athletic sock that fits well. They are comfortable and are definitely good for general workouts. They are also quite affordable at 3 pairs for $10.

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    November 5, 2012

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