Goal Setting – It’s For Everyone

Goal Setting – It’s For Everyone

First, how the heck did it get to be November?! 2012 has flown by for me, and it’s now time to think about 2013. I’m working on the Annual Training Plans for my athletes – reviewing their 2012 results and setting appropriate goals for 2013. You are probably about to do the same. Whether you are competing or completing, goals are important.

Since the majority of us will not podium in a race, and half of us will place in the bottom half of the rankings (can’t ignore statistics), sometimes we forget to set goals. We just go out and race. Or maybe we have goals, but because we know we won’t end up on the podium, we just keep them in our heads.

Chances are you have results from last season that you want to improve upon. I’m here to tell you to write it all down. Review your season in writing. Set your goals for 2013 by writing them down. Make yourself the best athlete YOU can be by setting goals appropriate to YOU.

But don’t not do it because others are faster. And if you are one of the few fast ones, set some goals to get even faster!

Here’s a presentation I gave a couple weeks ago to the Pikes Peak Triathlon Club. I hope it helps you review your past season and start thinking about your next. And if you have questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section.


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