Friday Feast – Tempeh and Sweet Potato Salad

Friday Feast – Tempeh and Sweet Potato Salad

Tonight’s feast was a very easy and quick dinner that I made. Since it’s the end of the week, I didn’t have a lot of food, but I had a few items that made for a tasty meal.

tempeh and sweet potato salad

Spinach salad with tempeh and sweet potato

I built the meal around the protein. I had tempeh so I decided to use that. I chopped up about a third of the package and heated it up in a pan with just a little bit of olive oil. I also had a sweet potato so I peeled and sliced it, and then just microwaved it for quick cooking. I filled my salad bowl with the last of my baby spinach, chopped half the green pepper, tossed in some pecans. I added a little balsamic vinaigrette and topped with fresh shredded parmesean cheese. The result was a delicious and healthy meal!

macronutrient distribution


What was your Friday Feast?

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Nicole Odell


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