Friday Feast – A Whole Bunch Of Veggies

Friday Feast – A Whole Bunch Of Veggies

Who doesn’t like an “Iron Chef” competition? I better, because I just kind of joined one.

The Women’s Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs was donated five CSA shares from a local farm, Grant Family Farms.

CSA simply means community supported agriculture. People buy a “share” and are given a weekly amount of fresh food from the farm. You don’t always know what or how much you are going to get, but it’s a good way to get fresh fruits and veggies on your table and learn about new REAL foods in this processed food era we live in.

And the timing is perfect, because our end of season social is just around the corner, and women who ride bikes like to eat. So in the words of WMBA board member Hillary Hienton:

As it would be pretty stinkin’ tacky to lay boxes of raw or unprepared food on the ground and let everyone loose, we need a bit of assistance. (I can only imagine gnawing on a turnip and holding a conversation with another WMBAite about a great fall ride.)

I decided to join in on the challenge and see what I would get and have the chance to be creative in the kitchen. So this is what I got yesterday:

2 cucumbers
1 bunch green onion
1 bunch chard
1 bunch beets
3 green peppers
1 dozen eggs
1 bag small apples
1 bag tomatoes
1 large kohlrabi

So, dear readers, the WMBA social is next Thursday the 27th. I will gladly take your recipe suggestions! I can of course supplement the ingredients with items I purchase on my own.

I want you to help me make the most awesome dishes for our social!

Knives ready…set….GO!!!

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Nicole Odell

  • Wendy
    September 21, 2012

    I did not get grant CSA this year but am the beneficiary of my client Jean, she is out of town, so received the same bulk yesterday. I am up for the challenge, thanks for sharing.