Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

This is a quote that on the internet is attributed to a few people, perhaps Alan Lakein. Or Winston Churchill. Regardless who said it first, it’s true, especially when it comes to endurance sports!


With race season here, I thought I would revisit the topic of having a race plan. Businesses need plans to succeed, right? If you are building a house you need detailed plans.  When we train and race we need a plan as well. While most of us might some kind of  training plan (and if you don’t, why not?), when it comes to the race we don’t do all the planning we should.


Think of all the time and money that you invest in training and racing. Does it make sense to get to a race and “wing it?” You might be thinking that you aren’t winging it, because you’ve got a plan in your head on your goal times. But a race plan goes far beyond times or paces.


Obviously you have to do some planning or you won’t make it to the start on time. But there are some easy things to do to plan your race that takes so much stress off your race weekend. Wouldn’t you agree that minimizing stress on your race weekend is a GREAT thing?


Having a detailed race plan that includes race logistics, travel details, pacing plans, nutrition and hydration, mental strategies, and even post-race celebratory plans will allow you to put your feet up when needed and truly enjoy the experience.


This is why I’ve designed a triathlon race plan template as a part of my Triathlon Success Strategies program. The program includes a Race Goal Worksheet to help you set realistic goals for your race, the eBook Triathlon: Strategies For Success, and the Race Plan Template that you can download and basically fill in the blanks with the information appropriate for your race. I’ve even added videos that walk you through filling out the race plan.


Create you plan and go into your race with more confidence than ever. Here’s how Team NEO athlete Rodney has benefited this season from race planning. He’s about to race Rev3 Knoxville and has a solid plan in place.


Happy Planning, Training, and Racing!


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Nicole Odell


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