Colorado Is On Fire Again

Colorado Is On Fire Again

I try to keep this blog to training or coaching topics, but once again tragedy has hit my community so I wanted to share. Last year at this time (June 23rd to be exact) Colorado Springs was hit with the Waldo Canyon Fire.

As I write this I am in a “pre-evacuation” notice due to a fire that’s hit somewhere around 10,000 15,000 acres in a local community called the Black Forest. It was gorgeous riding. A hilly landscape of pine trees north east of Colorado Springs.

Several of my Cafe Velo Friday Evening Rides went through this area. To see the footage of devastation is sickening. One Team NEO athlete lives in the evacuation zone and thank goodness is safe right now.  100 360 379 502 (updated 6/18) homes have been lost and the evacuation zones keep expanding. I’m pretty sure my home is at low risk, but I’m ready to head out if need be.

They are transitioning to a Type 1 command team this morning, and hopefully more resources will be able to get things under control. MAFFs and choppers have been flying over, and as of last night there were around 450 firefighters on the scene. The next press briefing is in about 30 minutes as I type this.

What impressed me last year and impresses me again is how the community is pulling together. People are stepping up to help those affected by the fire and those working to fight the fire. For example, Bill Layton of Bite Me Gourmet Sausage is providing 500 meals today. And he’s just a guy with a sausage cart. The local food bank that coordinates supplies for people and the firefighters put out notices of what they need on facebook and twitter and soon the donation drop off line is backed up.

Training will be indoors today and tomorrow, and while I still plan to race this Sunday in Boulder, I’m watching things closely here and am hoping for the best. The state is battling several other fires as well, and summer is far from over.

If anyone would like to help, these are a couple resources that will directly help those affected.

Pikes Peak Community Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund

Care and Share Fire Response

Wild Fire Tees

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region Disaster Donation

Thanks for your support!

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