How do I get started?

The first thing to do is read through this FAQ and see if you have any additional questions. Then contact me so we can set up a time to talk to assess your goals and your needs, and I can answer any additional questions you have. Once you decide to sign up, I will send you a contract and a more detailed questionnaire and we’ll get rolling as soon as you are ready!


Do I have to live in Colorado?

Nope! The beauty of the internet and the software that I use is that you can be anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. With the ability to connect via TrainingPeaks and platforms like Skype, email, and instant messaging, I can coach you no matter where you are. As long as you have internet access, location is not a limiter!


How much does it cost?

Your needs will vary from another athlete, so I don’t have pre-packaged plans. But the most popular plans contain:

  • Initial consultation and review of performance goals
  • Basic nutrition analysis
  • Custom bi-weekly training plan specific to goals, ability and specific event(s)
  • Free TrainingPeaks Basic account
  • Race strategy consultation prior to key events
  • Unlimited email/phone contact


Programs typically start at $200/month and go up from there depending on your goals, level of data analysis that is needed, and how much interaction you need.


In short, someone who just wants a custom plan with some feedback each week so that they can finish a century ride will cost less than the athlete with several races on their schedule and is trying to qualify for Kona.


I am a triathlete – how will you help me?

Here’s a brief summary of how it works. Once I get all the background info from you and we start on your plan. I put together a sketch of your entire season and then will break it down into smaller phases.


I have you do a series of benchmark tests in the swim, bike and run. This gives me a baseline of your current fitness. I can then develop appropriate training zones and workouts for you and your goals. We revisit the benchmarks every 4-8 weeks so that we can readjust based on your improvements.


Fundamentals are also important so workouts (swim, bike, and run) will contain drills to work on technique.


I will also make sure you are ready to race – we will develop race plans so that you go into every race with specific goals and a race strategy.


I am a cyclist – how will you help me?

Similar to the triathlete, I will assess your current fitness and your goals, work on fundamentals as well as fitness improvements. I look at the entire season first, then break it up to smaller phases with shorter term goals with benchmark tests along the way. I will also make sure you have a solid plan for each event you do.I do many different sports – how will you help me?
You are a little more complex than the straight-up cyclist or triathlete. But I would love to work with you! Similar to the triathletes and cyclists (as some people like to throw in running or other sports in their season) I will look at your non-training schedule and your events, and work with you to get you to your goals. If I feel an event isn’t a good idea or that you aren’t ready for it, I will let you know.


Do you work with ultra-endurance athletes?

Yes! For ultra-endurance we are talking events that are over 100 miles on a road bike, longer than 50 miles on a mountain bike, and longer than a marathon for running. Ironman-distance events can then be considered ultra-endurance and I definitely work with ironman athletes! I have also had athletes finish 50 mile running races, the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and hopefully in 2014 we will get our first Tour Divide finisher!


How do I get my workouts?

I use TrainingPeaks as the coach-athlete interface. This online system is very versatile and easy to use. All athletes get a free basic account as a minimum, and depending on the coaching arrangement, some will get the premium version. Athletes are of course welcome to purchase the premium version on their own.


How often is my plan updated?

Depending on your plan, I will update your schedule every week or two based on your progress. This is where custom coaching trumps training plans. The program is tailored to YOU. We all have unexpected things pop up in our lives, and when they do, we sometimes need to modify our training to accommodate them and still stay on track.


How often can I contact Coach Nicole?

You can contact me as often as you want. Unlike some other ‘big box’ coaches, there is no communication limit on any of the coaching plans. I will reply to your inquiries as soon as possible, most often within 24 hours. My goal is to make sure you understand your training, so if you have a question about something, I want you to ask.


How often does Coach Nicole give me feedback?

I will review your training logs regularly (usually late evening) and do a more thorough review once a week. You can put questions directly into your post-workout comments or email me. I will also often give feedback via email, and of course I am available by phone, chat, or Skype.


Do I need a power meter?

If you are a triathlete or cyclist, then I highly recommend training with a power meter. It is my preferred method of cycling coaching. However, I know that these are not cheap so it is not a requirement.


Do I need a heart rate monitor?

The best way for me to coach you is to have some data. Because heart rate monitors have become relatively inexpensive (<$100 for a decent one), I ask that you train with one. This data will allow me to set up training zones and focused workouts for you. It will also help you understand at what effort to train and you will learn a lot more about how you are responding to the training.


Will Coach Nicole attend my races?

It depends. While I would love to attend all the events of my athletes, sometimes it just isn’t possible. If it is a local race here in Colorado I will absolutely do my best to attend! If it requires significant travel (>150 miles) I am happy to attend if lodging and transportation costs are covered by the athlete.


Can I just get a training plan?

If you are not yet ready for custom coaching, then I can write you a custom training plan specific to your events. In this case we will set up a consultation where I will get a lot of information from you regarding your athletic history, goals, and training availability. With that information I will write you a training plan customized for your schedule and your specific events. This is a much better option than finding an off-the-shelf plan because it is tailored to your needs. Training plans cost approximately $15-$25 per week of the plan, depending on what kind of events and how many you have in your season.


How do you bill?

I bill with PayPal. Invoices are due the first of the month. If you sign up in the middle of the month, I simply bill the prorated amount for the remainder of the month at the time you sign up, and then you will receive the first full invoice on the first of the next month.


Don’t wait any longer! Let’s get you on a plan to reach your endurance sport goals today!