6 Things To Do As You Transition To The Off-Season

6 Things To Do As You Transition To The Off-Season

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For a lot of us in the US, triathlon and road cycling season are coming to an end. While R&R is needed, the offseason is not time to become a sloth. There are some things you can do to transition well into the off-season and set a proper focus on the next year. Let’s take a look:

1) Celebrate. First things first! After that last race of your season, celebrate your accomplishments. Give yourself permission to do something that you normally won’t do during race season and hang out with your family and friends.

2) Review.  Review your results, race notes, and race reports for positive outcomes and lessons learned. Don’t wait until the start of next season to figure this out. If you do it while your race season is still fresh in your mind, you can even start to address some of the issues over the off-season. Ask yourself how the season went and what could have made it better? More consistency? Hire a coach? Train with power? Attend a Training Camp?

3) Rest. This one is a big one. Chances are you are tired. Even if you have relatively low training volume due to family, work, and other life commitments, you most likely had a busy schedule. So after your last race, take some down time. The first week after your season ends should be very unstructured. Take days off of exercise. Sleep in a little bit. Take a nap when you normally would train. Read a book, make new music playlists. Watch some football.

4) Set Off-Season Goals. Yes, the off-season should be less structured, but things we do during these weeks or months can affect our next season. Make these things have a positive influence, not negative. Take the list of good things and could do better things from your season review and see if there is anything that can be done without “full-out training.”

Address the strength work, basic technique and skill work, as well as mental skills that might need some focus. These things can be easily worked on in the off-season and can often be done with cross-training. Also set some “fun” goals to try new activities or do things with family and friends that you wouldn’t have time for during your race season.

If you had any injuries or “niggles” make sure you have a plan to address them so they aren’t a factor next season.

5) Set Next-Season Goals. Off-Season and Next Season Goals work together so if you have your race season already planned out, make sure both sets of goals are in alignment so you can stay focused and consistent. If you don’t have next season figured out, make sure to get through steps 1, 2, and 3 for your season review and a get a clear mind. Set appropriate goals and then choose races that are complementary to them.

6) Have fun! Enjoy the mental and physical reset the off-season can give you so you finish it excited and pumped up about your next race season!



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